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Want Jay-Z's New Album FREE?

by JT

SAMSUNG has partnered with Jay-Z and they're going to give the first 1 million SAMSUNG Galazy S3, S4 & Note 2 owners a FREE copy of Jay-Z's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail!

Beginning, June 24 you'll need to download an app that will unlock the new album July 4 - three days before it officially goes on-sale to the general public. The app is said to, 

"Provide an unprecedented inside look into the album's personal stories and inspirations."

It is rumored that SAMSUNG has paid $5 Million to provide the Jay-Z album to it's current customers - they're not expecting immediate phone sales, rather hoping that the next time someone’s phone contract is up, they'll remember that Jay-Z exclusives are the kind of thing one can expect with a SAMSUNG phone.

Check out the video teaser below:

What do you think - will you buy a SAMSUNG phone to be able to hear Jay-Z's album 3 days early?