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Are you Embracing?

by Craig Holgate

Sure we have had our share of cold days this winter, but have you made the most of those warmer days? Nearly 20 years ago I gave up hating the snow and cold of winter and began embracing it. As anyone who knows me can attest, it's now my favorite time of the year. This past Saturday was a prime example. Sunshine and an afternoon high of 18 degrees, combine that with no wind and it was perfect day to be out in the winter woods. 

McCarthy Beach State Park Ski Trails

I usually try to ski McCarthy Beach State Park ski trails at least once a season, not only for the fun hills but for the beauty. There are several places along the trail system that you get good over looks and can see a good distance off into the winter woods. While 98% of this landscape is an unbroken blanket of white, there are also animal tracks along the trail in many places. 

Along the Red Top Trail. 

So the next time the temperature has a positive symbol in front of it, make it point to get out and explore our surrounding natural beauty. You don't have to ski, but just do something that gets you out and you just might find winter is really not as bad as you have been saying.