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At Least we Don't have Tumbleweeds....

by Craig Holgate

Sure we have the snow, and the cold, but I'll take that any day over tumbleweeds!

Recently I was down south in Texas and Oklahoma and had my first interactions with tumbleweeds. I've always thought they looked pretty cool blowing down the street in a movie, but in real life they are not that great. First off they are slightly sharp if you go to move them, and second they are everywhere! And since they tumble until they are stopped, they like to hang out in large groups. We were in the area geocaching and that meant coming across a lot of places piled high in tumble weeds. 

They pile up along fence lines and trees and get deep!

At one point after we cleared back the pesky dry things looking for a cache I had tumbleweeds up to nearly my shoulders. I'll take the cold and at least I can use a snow blower on snow!