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Beautiful colors, paths and trails to explore, activities, events and more, it's a really neat place.

by Jessie Hawkins

My son complains sometimes that he's bored, "there's nothing to do!"  He'll exclaim and then plop down on the couch and watch tv or play on his phone.  My attempts to play board games and run around were working but then I decided to take him to somewhere he'd never been.  The Forest History Center in Grand Rapids.  The first thing we both noticed was how beautiful the area was!  Big colorful leaves covered the paths that were lined with the big beautiful trees.  I made a mental note to come back for a romantic date sometime.  

When we walked into the unique looking building we were greeted by a friendly woman at the counter.  She was helpful in letting us know all of the upcoming events like "Family Day", "Christmas in the Forest" and more.  In December they will be lighting up a tower and shooting off fireworks.  How fun! 

Not only do you see some beautiful colors in the fall, you'll have some really interesting and different experiences with various events at the Forest History Center, and in the spring and summer I can just image how lush and green it is. 

If you haven't been up there...go! : )