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Bob Dylan FINALLY Makes a Music Video for "Like a Rolling Stone"

by Rachel

I never realized it, but Hibbing's very own Bob Dylan never released a music video for one of the best songs of all time "Like a Rolling Stone".

48 years after the song came out the music video is finally here and it is absolutely AWESOME!!!

I have never seen anything like this in our technologically advanced digital age when it comes to music videos. It is set up like a TV so you can channel surf throughout the entire song. There are 16 different channels that you can actually change and the coolest part about it is that the people on the channels are actually mouthing the words to the song. It includes Drew Carey from "The Price is Right", the guys from "Pawn Stars" and even a channel with Bob Dylan himself.

Try out Bob Dylan's Interactive Music Video for yourself "Like a Rolling Stone".

The song really didn't need a video since it is already considered one of the Greatest Songs of All Time, but I think we can all agree that it's better late than never. The video was released to promote Bob Dylan's "The Complete Album Collection Volume 1" which is available now.


Way to leave a mark on the Northland Bob!