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Tips to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

by Rachel
Chances are that you are looking forward to a great menu of food for the Thanksgiving holiday, but after eating you could be loosening the belt buckle and saying, "I wish I didn't eat so much".

Many people worry about gaining weight over Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays so here are 10 tips to avoid some Thanksgiving weight gain, while still enjoy everything it has to offer.

1. Plan in advance or set the stage - Bring a healthy food or beverage option to contribute to the Thanksgiving meal instead of what you normally bring
2. Eat to savor - Chew food slowly and indulge in the flavor of the item you are eating
3. Fill your plate with turkey - Turkey is the main dish of the meal and it's a good one, it's a good source of protein as well as low in calories in fat
4. Don't drink your calories - One or two glasses of wine is fine, but don't drink all your calories before the meal; the same goes with soda and other high calorie beverages
5. Small servings - Don't pile up your plate with all the goodies all at once, take small servings at a time and then if you really want more of another dish, take another small serving
6. Share dessert - Consider splitting a piece of pie or dessert with another person
7. Leave some leftovers - It's okay to leave things on your plate, they can be used for leftovers the next day
8. Don't sleep it off - Try not to take a nap after eating your meal, it will only make you feel more sluggish
9. Stay active - Don't skip your workout just because it's Turkey Day, go for a walk and play an active game with family and friends to burn the calories
10. Don't punish yourself - Don't skip meals just to pig out at Thanksgiving dinner and if you do overeat, remember to get right back on the workout track and healthier eating at your next meal

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with family and friends and remember to be thankful. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!