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Where Did Fall Go?

by Rachel

I don't know whether or not I should be surprised, we are in the Northland.

Two weeks ago I was driving to Virginia and noticed how amazing all the fall colors were. The reds, yellows, oranges and greens. The windows at home were wide open as temperatures where in the high sixties and low seventies.

Fast forward a week and the color is all gone and the windows are definitely closed. I am holding out turning the heat on because I refuse to let go of fall. I feel like I completely missed it.

That brings us to this week where we saw our first snowfall of what I think is going to be a rough and cold winter.  I AM NOT READY!!!! It's still October! The pictures outside of our studio have roughly gone like this over the past 3 days.

Monday......the first snow is starting to fall. I think, "Awwwww, pretty but it won't stay so fall is still here".


Tuesday.....I wake up and actually have to scrape snow and ice off my windshield.  I think, "What the heck is this stuff?! Did I just jump ahead in time? My time machine works!".


And Wednesday.....The first snow is basically melted away. I think, "Yay! Mother nature just got ahead of herself and teased us a bit, but I have a feeling that the witch will be back sooner rather than later with a whole heap of snow that will drastically alter my mood".


Which brings me to the point of all this........where did fall go? Are you ready for winter so soon?