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Early Morning Show (6-9am)

Bringing you a blend of information and entertainment every morning. Start your day with a smile! Read More...

Early Morning Show

Charli (9am-2pm)

Hi. I am so glad we hang out everyday! Anytime anything goes on in your life or the area, please let me know. I will show up for anything and be more than happy to overstay my welcome. HA HA.


David Burns (2-7pm)

Mr. Smooth in the afternoon. David will keep you up to date on the latest celebrity and music news. Plus play the top hits!

David Burns

Otis Day (7pm-Mid)

This guy is your typical wild DJ! Otis always wanted to work in radio and when he was released from the hospital, we thought we would give him a chance. Of course we can't let him work during the day, because nobody wants to be around him! He is nuts!!

Otis Day

Survivor Girl Andi (Whenever!)

Updating us on the latest TV news. Andi is a television junkie who watches all the shows. She also joins Craig and Justin on the Early Morning Show sometimes to update them on T.V. and life!

Survivor Girl Andi